The following is a public service message from your old pal Jaymz. I'm here to tell you how to stay out of the Cedar Rapids Gazette for doing something stupid.

Here in the 'City of Five,"  if you get picked up for DUI, they post your name in the paper a few days later. Who wants this? Your boss sees it, your family, the wife, it's all bad.

We all like to drink, but let's do it the right way. Leave the car at the bar and request an Uber. It's easy and it's inexpensive. No more overpriced cab fairs in vehicles that have blue smoke coming out of the tailpipe. Download the app, request a driver and get home.

The next day you can do the same thing to get your car back. The cost is about half of what a taxi would have been. You make it home safe and you don't risk the chance of wearing an orange jump suit at the Linn County Jail. Nobody wants have a cat at home to feed. Get home safe to your four legged friend. He's hungry.

You can even meet friends through using Uber. The drivers are normally people like us, they work other jobs and are just trying to pick up a little extra cash on the side. Most are professionals who take their job seriously.

NO MORE EXCUSES PEOPLE! Download the app and continue your party. You will feel much better knowing you will be sleeping in your own bed when the night is over. Your bed, not the concrete floor of a jail cell next to a guy named Spider.


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