Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley has had a long political career that has just recently been extended. Grassley recently won re-election to Congress. Another six years added to his nearly 47 years in office. Now CBS2 reports that Grassley will run again in 2028. But Grassley is already 89 years old. Why run for re-election at the age of 95? Seriously, Chuck. Go home and spend some time with your wife. You've earned it! It's just another example of why term limits need to seriously be considered for our leaders in Washington D.C.

Right now we have the oldest Congress in U.S. history. CBS News reports that the average age of members of Congress is 59 years old. That is 20 years older than the age of the average American, 38 years old. The debate over term limits is nothing new. It began with our forefathers. CBS News points out that there are no term limits in the U.S. Constitution thanks in large part to James Madison. Madison argued that "wouldn't we be depriving ourselves of all these leaders' experience?" But does the argument hold weight in our current political climate?

CBS News reports that a recent poll showed that 80% of Americans would like to see term limits in Congress. So what would it take to make that a reality? A constitutional amendment, which takes two-thirds of both branches of Congress to vote 'yes'. Then three-fourths of all states must vote 'yes' to ratify the amendment. And given how divided our political climate is right now, don't hold your breath. Breathe easy, Chuck. You're safe for another six years.

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