Hate reading articles about bridges? Build me a bridge and get over it, because you're already on your way to two adventure packed paragraphs about bridge reform. That's right, here we go! Where do we start? STATS. $995,000...that's a pretty big number. Know what's bigger? $996,000. Thats how much tax payer money will be given to Cramer and Associates, to prevent you from sinking to your doom in the Iowa River.

Pretty good so far? Well you ain't read nothing yet because now we're already well into paragraph two. How much tax payer money was expected to be thrown into this magical piece of land standing between you and a water logged vehicle? $2 million. For those bad at math, that's double what it will actually cost. What does that mean for you? A closed Highway 965 bridge for a few months September 9 until mid-November...and the minimization of risk of you plummeting through cracked earth into a river in your great car/terrible submarine.

Source: KCRG