With the power to light up more than 100 homes for a year, new solar panels are bieng installed in Urbana, Iowa. The community is making a progressive move in moving away from fossil fuels like coal in this attempt to make the community a bit greener.

"So it doesn't use any fossil fuels like coal or air, it has no waste byproducts, so the solar panels absorb the sun and create electricity.”- Terry Fett from Central Iowa Power Cooperative (CIPCO)

Construction has already started in June with hopes of a seven acre setup up and to be running by mid October. It's starting to catch on elsewhere as well.

"We get calls every week on questions about solar energy, putting their own panels up, or community solar projects, or just solar energy in general. It's really popular right now.” - Steve Marlow CEO of East Central Iowa REC

Solar sites will also be built in Wilton, Pella, Osceola and Marshalltown in December saving our state even more money.

"From a standpoint, the only way that they would receive a different price point on their bill, or a lower energy cost potential could be if they installed solar energy themselves.” - Troy Libbra, Azimuth Electric

[via KCRG]