Have you ever wondered just really how safe is it to have your packages left at your doorstep?

Worse still, have you ever had anything you purchase not arrive, only to determine that it must have been stolen?

Then you'll get a certain satisfaction out of watching this footage of a criminal caught on video stealing delivery packages right off the front porch of a home in Cedar Rapids.

According to CBS2 News, Cedar Rapids police were contacted by a homeowner in the 7200-block of Hampshire Drive NE. The victim reported she had video surveillance of someone taking a package from their front porch.

It wasn't long after the victim published this video on social media, the cops had a suspect in custody. Someone recognized 26 year old Amanda Bentley in the video and she is now being charged with theft.

Score one for the good guys.

And for the rest of you?  Smile. You've just been captured!

[source: CBS2 News]

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