A new city-sponsored bicycle ride is coming to Cedar Rapids July 14, 2018. This bicycle ride is part of an effort from newly-elected City Council member Ashley Vanorny, and friend of our radio stations here at Townsquare Media, to do more "cool shit."

With the city and county spending money on bike-friendly trails and roadway construction, it only makes sense that the city would take on an annual bike ride to highlight its' efforts and help citizens learn how to utilize these local assets.

The bike ride will start at McGrath Amphitheatre where participants will learn about the future of flood control on the west side of the Cedar River.

The next stop convenes at Beverly Park, a scenic park dedicated to mountain biking, and open to everyone. Lunch will be available for purchase at Hotel Kirkwood, where participants will experience the expertise of the fine chefs at Kirkwood Community College.

The final stop meets at one of Cedar Rapids' best-kept secrets, The Shack Tavern! The ride will come full circle and conclude with an after-party at Quinton's Bar and Delhi, located across from the McGrath Amphitheatre.

I think this sounds like fun and I'm really looking forward to it! You can learn more about this exciting new event on Facebook by clicking this link.

Photo: City of Cedar Rapids
Photo: City of Cedar Rapids



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