With Valentine's Day approaching, Jaymz Larson and Mike Ferris are feeling sentimental. This week on the KRNA Morning Show, they revealed their secret love for cheesy classic rock ballads.

Here are their choices for the top Five Cheesiest Valentine's Songs from the Classic Rock Vaults.

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    Waiting for a Girl Like You


    Released in 1981, it was the band's cheesy love ballad from the huge album "4" which also gave us "Urgent" and "Juke Box Hero". It spent TEN WEEKS at #2 but never hit #1. Fun fact: it featured both Thomas Dolby and Bob Mayo on the keyboards.

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    Released in 1983, it was Journey's second hit from the album "Frontiers" but it only reached #12 on the charts. It didn't matter much, as the band was already filthy rich and famous. The girls loved it, but the guys who were hoping for more progressive sounds like "early Journey" were frankly disappointed.

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    Keep On Lovin' You

    REO Speedwagon

    The band from Champaign, IL was named after an old firetruck. But they traded in the driving rock of songs like "Keep Pushin" and "Roll with the Changes" for this sweet and sappy ballad. It hit #1 on the charts in 1981 and sold over a million copies. So the band members didn't complain. In fact, they followed it up years later with more syrup in "Can't Fight This Feeling"

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    Like REO, Styx was also from the land of Lincoln and had a list of great classic rock hits like "Come Sail Away" and "Renegade". But in 1979 they poured sugar all over it, and issued "Babe". It was their first and only #1 single on the US charts. Dennis DeYoung wrote it as a birthday present to his wife. How sweet. Now get outta here, and get a room!

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    It was 1976 and the song was a last minute addition to the KISS album "Destroyer"  It was actually issued as the "B" side to the lead single "Detroit Rock City". Had the band realized what a huge hit it would be, they could have made a second boatload of money off it as a solo release. Instead, Casablanca records simply re-released the song as the "A" side of the single. Whoever made that decision was an "a-hole" because "Beth" was a huge top ten hit on it's own, peaking at #7. It is our ultimate cheesy love song from one of the hardest rockin bands of the 70s.

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