It sounds like financial trouble is brewing at the Clarion Hotel.

The Department of Labor is investigating the Clarion Hotel on 33rd Ave. after reports have surfaced that employees there have not been paid in 6 weeks.

CBS2 News reports they received multiple calls from employees all complaining of bounced paychecks but none would go on camera for fear of losing their jobs.

Hassan Hussain is the owner of the Clarion Hotel. His company, HRDMM Hospitality Services, purchased the Clarion, and took over March 1st. The previous owners had filed for bankruptcy.

HRDMM's headquarters is located at a home address in Virginia. CBS 2 reached out to Hussain but have not heard back.

Now that a Department of Labor investigation is underway, there is hopefully some resolution to this dilemma of getting these hard workers their pay.

But the problem begs the question: will this hotel be closing its doors due to this financial trouble? Time will tell.

[source: CBS2 News]

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