Chinese food is my favorite cuisine. I know that may seem strange coming from somebody born in Cajun Country, but all of that Louisiana food is not a "cuisine" to's just regular eats. Chinese, on the other hand, is my go-to for flavorful, unique, and sometimes exotic gastronomic delight.

When I moved to Iowa, I needed to know two things:

1. Where can I buy booze?
2. Where is the good Chinese?

The answer to the first question is pretty much everywhere. The second question has been harder to answer. I've tried probably six different Asian restaurants in the Corridor, and most were hit-and-miss. Then I found Yang Chow Wok in North Liberty.

The girlfriend and I tried some take-out from the Yang on my birthday a couple of weeks ago. We both thought that everything tasted delicious and the portions were well sized for the price we paid. I decided, today, to give them a go at lunch, and, to my surprise, they offered a lunch buffet. Now, it's not a huge spread, but it has all the favorites, including my go-to, General Tso's Chicken. Everything was fresh, and the price at under $10 for the buffet and a soda was right in my wheelhouse. If I have any negatives to say, it would be that the hot mustard wasn't hot enough (I like to feel the inside of my sinuses melt) and they used paper plates. If that's all I have to complain about, then I think I'll be ok.

It wasn't knock me off my feet amazing, but it was a gigantic step above the other places I have tried here in Eastern Iowa. I give it a solid 4/5. Next time you're in the North Liberty area, swing by Yang Chow Wok at 555 Highway 965 S, Unit G for a good meal for a decent price.

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