Have you ever wondered what the 94.1 KRNA studio looks like? You hear us on the radio, but you never get to see what goes on "behind the scenes." That's all about to change.....right now!

With the help of Shannon at 3Chip Media and my good friend Doug Loussard, we made a fun little 360-degree video. What is a 360-degree video you ask? I have no idea...but it's pretty cool!

What I do know is you can give yourself a virtual tour of the KRNA studio. Click on the link below and navigate your way around. It's actually pretty fun!

Just move your mouse or phone around to get a different prospective of the room. We plan to do more of this type of stuff in the coming months. It sure was fun making this first video.

Enjoy the clip and keep listening to 94.1 KRNA......We love you all!


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