Mother's Day is this Sunday, May 13th. In honor of this very special day, I asked some of my friends to pick their favorite "Mom songs." I only had one rule: Mom has to either be in the title or somewhere in the song.

I'll warn you, some of the answers are a little crazy.


Pete Evick, Guitarist for Bret Michaels

Photo: 3Chip

I love "If I was your Mother" from Bon Jovi. A very deep track off of 'Keep the Faith.' A lot is left to the interpretation. Is it him singing to his children or to someone he's in a relationship with? Either way, it's him asking what it takes to have a bond with someone as strong as you do with your Mother. It's pretty intense!


Don Jamison, Comedian and VH1 Classic Star

Photo: Jeff Johnson

My favorite "Mother" song is 'Go Motherfu**ker Go' by Nashville Pussy. Around my's a Mother's Day MUST! (Love you Mom)


Shawn Jaxx, Singer for Skin Kandy & Devil Land

Photo: Willy Wellz

I'd pick 'Mother Fu**er of the Year' from Motley Crue, the greatest rock band of all time! I choose this song because the person that birthed me is not in my life and hasn't been for a very long time. I think it's just another made up holiday...which probably makes me the 'Mother Fu**er' of the Year!


Stuttering John Melendez, The Howard Stern Show & Jay Leno

Photo: Beau Appleby

I choose 'Mother' by Pink Floyd. I see Moms put up walls of communications between their kids all of the time.....but enough about my ex-wife.


Ryan "BRAIN"ard, 98.1 KHAK Morning Show Host

Photo: Eric Ferris Stone

I'd have to say "Stacy's Mom" by Fountains of Wayne. I knew a girl named Stacy back in High School. Her Mom wasn't hot, but man, I wish she would have would make this story much more relevant.


Curt Burgess, Slap 'N' Tickle front man & Host of Mount Thrashmore!

 "Mamma Kin" by Aerosmith. I used to torment my Mother with stories of my exploits with dirty girls, booze of all sorts, and my love of the 'Devils Lettuce.' She's passed on now, and in tribute there's still the dirty booze, and plenty of 'Satan's Salad' to keep our bond alive! Miss ya Mom!

Mr. Shucks, The Cedar Rapids Kernels

Photo: Ryne George

 My favorite Mom song is "Mama Weer All Crazee Now" by Quiet Riot. If you think I'm crazy, you should meet Mamma Shucks!


Thanks so much to all of my friends for assisting me with this project. I'm just surprised there wasn't one person that picked the #1 song about Mom!!

I'll just leave it right here for you to enjoy yourself. And to all of the Mom's out there, have a wonderful day on deserve it.