Even though we had a bunch of rain over the weekend, it looks like the Cedar River has dropped below the flood stage level.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette is reporting the river hit 15.71 feet early on Friday. That number is just shy of the major flood stage of 16 feet. That was the reason the city shut down the boat ramps here in Cedar Rapids.

The forecast now is for the river to drop below the 12-foot minor flood stage today, Monday, June 29th. You can read the full article from the Cedar Rapids Gazette on page 2A of the hard copy edition.

I was on a dock neat the Cedar River yesterday here in Cedar Rapids. You can tell the water has gone down and things are starting to look a little more normal. I did see a lot of debris floating in the river, and the current is moving pretty fast when you get out of the harbor.

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I spoke with some locals who were excited the water went down right before the big holiday weekend. July 3rd and 4th are when the Cedar sees the most traffic. The weather report is looking favorable for boating, so I'm sure the river will be very busy!

Have a great 4th and stay safe.

[Source of information: The Cedar Rapids Gazette, Hard Copy]

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