The bike share program discussed by the City of Cedar Rapids is becoming a reality.

The program is set to launch with a fleet of 150 electric-assist bikes and will include electric scooters later this year. 90 bike rack stations are to be scattered around the city, which will go operational as of May 13. Each of the city's "Self-Supported Municipal Improvement Districts (SSMID)" are collaborating on this effort.

Free bike helmets and educational safety videos are currently being created and filmed with funding provided by contributions from the core city districts (MedQuarter, Downtown, Kingston Village, NewBo/Czech Village).

But the program is not just to show off a shiny new toy,

The opportunity to increase a community-wide healthy habit like biking, paired with the opportunity to increase the interconnectedness of all the core districts, aligned perfectly and positively with the MedQuarter,” said Phil Wasta, Executive Director, MedQuarter

Find locations for bikes and stations starting May 13 here. Join the Kickoff Party Monday night at 5:30 at Greene Square in downtown Cedar Rapids for more details.

Pick up a free t-shirt or bike helmet, while supplies last. Meet and talk with representatives of the city and VeoRide about the bike share program. Check out the bikes and stations that will be part of the program, and take them on a bike ride (or bring your own).

[Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance Press Release, NewBo City Market Facebook page]

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