Cities across America are having great success with Bike Share programs. Now, the city with the biggest bicycling population in Iowa is getting one. According to The Gazette, Iowa City officials say a Bike Share program should be in place by next May.

I think it will be a fantastic program and fit perfectly in Iowa City. As streets across the cityscapes of Iowa get more bike-friendly, this sort of program is a natural fit. Cedar Rapids television stations have aired "complaint stories" about citizens fretting over the new bike lanes. Drivers should get used to them. They're only going to expand. Ask all the bar owners downtown if they want these lanes for their growing bicycling customer base. If you want to stay hip and progressive in the modern day, you make it easier for bicyclists to get around. Remember, it's 4000 lb. vs. 250 lb. when  it comes to vehicle vs. bicycle. Safety and better traffic flow are paramount.

Here's a look at the nation's largest city and it's Bike Share program.

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[Via  The Gazette]

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