Meet Tricia Weber, a teacher at Grant Wood Elementary School in Cedar Rapids. Like lots of teachers, we're sure she loves her work. But Tricia also cares for her co-workers.

Jessica Gosch is a colleague at Tricia's school. Jessica's dad needs a kidney transplant. After finding out that she did not match as a potential donor for her own father, Jessica posted a Facebook announcement about her dad's transplant need.

That's when Tricia stepped in and offered to be tested as a potential donor match.

It turns out Tricia is a match, and later this fall she will undergo the procedure to bring new hope to her co-worker's father as his Living Kidney donor.

According to the press release from the Cedar Rapids Community School District, Jessica said “Tricia called me while I was at Grant Wood working; I walked outside and couldn't stop crying,” Jessica Gosch said. “She called with such excitement in her voice, saying ‘I'm a match, Jessi! I'm a match!’" “She could see how happy and excited I was,” Jessica Gosch said.

Weber also saw the grief her colleague felt when she returned to work with the news she would not be considered a candidate for the transplant. “Tricia told me she would love to be tested to see if she could donate,” she said. “She and my dad had never met! And I had only worked with her for a few short months. Who does that?! What an angel!”

The kidney transplant is scheduled for November 30. Weber was hoping for the transplant to be scheduled for early December and while doctors suggest that she should prepare for a 3- to 4-week recovery, Weber is aiming for a short two weeks. “She refuses to leave her students for that long. She goes above and beyond to build relationships with and teach her students.”

Yes, it's confirmed are an angel.

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