Scott Clark has diabetes and has needed a kidney transplant for over two years.

“I’ve seen friends die from this disease and I’ve had my own struggles with it,” Clark told KCRG.  

So he turned his car into a mobile billboard to help him find a donor. Scott placed a message on his car rear window asking for a kidney donor...and it finally paid off.

The car window message simply said:

NEED A KIDNEY FOR SCOTT Blood Type "O" 319-981-1349

Johnna Nunemaker saw it, and decided she would get tested. It turns out she was a match.

"God’s got the perfect kidney for him, it just happens to be in my body.” Johnna told KCRG 

The transplant is now scheduled to take place in a few weeks, but that's only the beginning.

Clark said he will leave the donor message up on the back of his car after the surgery to remind others of the importance of organ donations.

“If it helps one person stay alive in a healthy way and get off dialysis it will be worth it”

We wish Scott and his donor Johnna all the best.

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