People are leaving California and it's not a secret. There is a website that helps you leave the Golden State called

There are numerous reasons people are leaving California (we'll get to some of those in a second) but folks are moving all over the U.S., including Wisconsin. In case you didn't know, California and Wisconsin differ in many ways. So much so it will be a rude awakening when the Californians move in next door.

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Why Are People Leaving California?

There are a ton of reasons people are getting the heck out of Cali. The Los Angeles Times reported that  California lost over 700,000 more people than it welcomed between April 2020 and July 2022, according to PODS.

People are moving out of California because of the pollution...

Los Angeles Air Still Among Nation's Dirtiest
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The homeless population...

Sacramento Tent City Fills Up With The Newly Jobless And Homeless
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The insane amount of people and traffic...

California To Ban Sale Of New Gas Cars By 2035
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High crime rates, the cost of living being expensive, and so much more.

Are People From California Actually Moving To Wisconsin?

Yes. According to, California residents were the third-highest population from a different state to move to Wisconsin in 2019.


But what Californians don't understand is just how different Wisconsin is from California. There are really good differences, bad differences, and just flat-out different characteristics between the two states.

If you live in California and plan on moving, this is a helpful guide. If you're from Wisconsin and your new neighbors have California license plates, show them that Midwest charm.

Californians Moving To Wisconsin Are In For A Rude Awakening

Californians are leaving the Golden State for what they think is a better life. It probably is compared to the craziness that happens in Cali, but they will be shocked when they find out what Wisconsin has in store for them.

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