Caitlin Clark will break the all-time scoring record in women's college basketball tonight, (February 15) as the Hawkeyes take on Michigan at 7 o'clock. Ticket prices are reaching thousands of dollars and fans from around the country will be in attendance trying to witness history at Carver-Hawkeye Arena.

Some athletes gain a small following when they reach the collegiate level, other college athletes are so good that they become famous in the sports world. Then you have the level that Caitlin Clark has reached. It's not just Iowans or college basketball fans that know her name. She has fans across the nation. She appears in commercials for national brands. There are people who don't follow any college basketball who have heard of Caitlin Clark.

She has had professional athletes and famous actors/actresses who give her shout-outs on social media. She's had her childhood idols reach out to let her know how much they appreciate her and what she's doing for women's sports. There's levels to "fame" and Caitlin is pretty dang close to the highest level. When other famous people take notice, want to watch you play, and get a photo with're doing something right.

Sue's Places

A new ESPN+ series has arrived from one of the greatest female basketball players of all time and future hall of famer, Sue Bird. Sue is a two-time NCAA championship winner at the University of Connecticut and she was recently named to the WNBA's Top 25 Greatest Players of All Time list, according to WNBA.

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Sue adventures around the country learning and speaking with historic figures in the sports universe. Sue learns about historic college mascots, speaks with Jason Sudeikis about Ted Lasso and his Kansas Jay Hawk fandom, learns about the origins of the NCAA Tournament Brackets, and revisits iconic buzzer beaters from the NCAA tournament. In episode 3 of Sue's Places, she travels to the Carver-Hawkeye arena to meet with Caitlin Clark

One of their discussions was about how she mastered the art of Caitlin's signature deep three-point shots.

Fittingly, episode 3 is called "From the Logo" which dropped on Valentine's Day. Historic college three-point shooter, Jimmer Fredette is also featured in the episode to discover who has mastered hitting 3-pointers from the logo.


Anytime we as fans get a chance to learn a little bit more about Caitlin, I jump at the chance to hear what she has to say. How did she become so good? What makes her so great? What has motivated her to get to this point in her basketball career? Some people are born with a god-given talent, some people work their a** off, and some people do both.

Those who can do both are the ones who make history. You can steam episode 3 of Sue's Places, starring Caitlin Clark, on ESPN+.

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