BYOB in the nontraditional sense! If you missed out on the famous Popeyes chicken sandwich that people LOST their minds over, you may be able to get one by bringing your own bun. Well.... not really.

People have been going nuts over Popeyes chicken sandwich and as well all know, Popeyes ran out of chicken sandwiches! Which did not make anyone happy and people were even trying to sell the sandwiches online to get some extra money because they were so popular. Well, Popeyes decided to have a little fun with this as they recently tweeted that you can still have a chicken sandwich by bringing your own bun!

Yeah, that's right they said if you bring your own bun they can slap some of their three piece chicken tenders on there and congrats you got a Popeyes chicken sandwich! Well, without the mayo, pickles or even flavor but hey what more can you ask for!

At least they are keeping people talking until the Popeyes chicken sandwich returns...which they SWEAR will be soon!

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