Jaymz Larson
Jaymz Larson


It's no secret, I love cats. The above picture was taken last year in my home. My "roommate's" in the sink goes by the name of  Squeaks. He's been with me for a few years now, and we've become pretty good pals....at least I think so.

This weekend I plan to take my little buddy to the Midlands Cat Fanciers show in Iowa City. The event will be held at the Sharpless Auction House at 5049 Herbert Hoover Highway in Iowa City.

I'm told there will be all kinds of cool cat exhibits, cat related vendors, cat tricks and plenty of four legged friends to meet and greet Squeaks on his big day out.

I've never actually taken my cat anymore, but I'm not too worried. He's super cool and really nice to visitors that stop by my house. This should be a piece of cake.

I hope to see you this weekend at the Midlands Cat Fanciers show in Iowa City. For more information, you can visit this link.

Wish me luck.

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