Winter isn't done with us just yet.

Following last week's Polar Vortex of sub zero temperatures and the heavy snowfall that followed along with blizzard-like conditions you'd think we'd get a break sometime soon.

This is not the week for that to happen. Far from it, my fair weather friend...

CBS 2 Meteorologist Rebecca Kopleman says temperatures in Eastern Iowa will plunge to near zero tonight with wind chills of -10 to -20 below.

And it looks like there's a bit more snow on the way, starting by Saturday night and continuing into Sunday morning.  Just how much is still up in the air, so to speak. But we should get a clearer picture in the next 24 hours.

Does anyone else feel like barbecuing a groundhog right about now?

Well, at least we have President's Day, a federal holiday on Monday February 18 to break up the winter monotony and help shorten the work week. After all, it gets us one day closer to Spring's arrival.

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