This may be one of the greatest things I've ever done, or one of my worst mistakes. Either way, it's gonna be good.

A couple of days ago, Jaymz Larson ambushed me in the studio and asked me ten question to answer in rapid fire succession. He filmed a video and put it on the website. As soon as it was posted, I was hit with a great idea (or horrible idea).

Why not have people send in questions for me to answer. Any question, about any subject. Want to know more about me? Looking for some romance advice? Need help with your science homework? No question is off limits! As soon as we have some in the database, random questions will be pulled for me, and I'll answer each one I read to the best of my ability without ever having seen the question before.

Keep this bookmarked and keep asking questions! You never know...we all might learn something.

It's doubtful...but we might.

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