It doesn't look like much now. But, we now know what the site on 2nd St. SE that seems to have been under construction forever will become.

It's been announced that the space next to Cobble Hill restaurant will be what is called a "pocket plaza" featuring parking, benches, fencing, trees and decorative concrete. They are seeking local artwork including sculpture and a series of panels that the city is looking to fill from local artists. Sylvia Brueckert of the cIty Community Development and Planning Department said:

The idea was rather than just having a large-surface lot, let’s create some kind of usable space at the street that would be an amenity for downtown visitors that will hopefully create a little more street activity than a parking lot would

Four panels, 8-foot by 15-foot each will hang on the wall of the Cobble Hill restaurant building facing the parking lot and five 3-foot by 4-foot-nine panels will be installed in large frames near the seating area along the fence.

Interested artists should send up to four proposals each, which should include digital submissions of PDFs or JPEGs of a file size no more 2 megabytes, and an up to 200-word written description.

They hope to have the panels covered by the work of a single artist, and the city will pay for printing and installation.

Contact Sylvia Brueckert at (319) 286-5428 or by email at Submissions are due by 5 p.m. March 9, and the final selection will be made March 12.

[Via Gazette]

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