Nobody likes taxes and if given the opportunity you would try to get out of paying them. Well, the Penthouse Executive Club in New York City has found a very creative way to "right off" a huge tax bill they received....this is pretty good.

According to New York Daily News, "A midtown strip club tried to get out of paying $3.1 million in state taxes by claiming that its dancers are love doctors, offering the same nontaxable services that a massage therapist or a sex shrink provides."

Nice try. Really, this idea was solid and quite impressive. Al Capone probably wishes he would have thought of something this clever. But the folks investigating the case were not having it, ruling that Penthouse Executive Club in New York City had to pay the taxes.

Better luck next time gentlemen!

Keep this story in mind though fellas, the next time you're in need of a little therapy. Maybe try a "love doctor" instead of a shrink. It'll probably be cheaper and you're definitely going to get a lot more action on that couch!

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