Pit Bull owners in Anamosa can now take their dogs out for a walk in public. The city has lifted the ban on pit bulls following a vote on the measure from the city council on Monday. The final vote was 4-2 to get rid of the ban.

The previous ordinance banned all dogs that looked like they were predominately pit bull. In order to have one, owners had to prove that their dog was not a pit bull. Anamosa was not alone in their ban on the dogs. 90 Iowa communities have pit bull ordinances, and many of them are outright bans.

The new ordinance goes into effect immediately. Animal welfare groups in Jones County were in favor of ending the ban. David Boehm with The Animal Welfare Friends shelter in Jones County says that he hopes Anamosa can be an example to other Iowa cities.

I have friends that own and breed pit bulls. They are some of the most loving and gentle animals I've ever known. Hopefully, more communities will realize it's not the dog's fault for how they're treated. Let's hold owners accountable and let these amazing dogs live where they want.


[via KWWL]

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