The Impossible Burger is coming to Iowa Burger King restaurants starting Monday August 8.

To those who think the Impossible Burger is ALL THAT...I say GET OVER IT.

Because really, what is the big deal with these new meatless burgers?

They’re not necessarily new. MorningStar and Boca burgers have both been around in the frozen foods section of grocery stores for years.

Most meatless burgers are a combination of soybean and other plant-based proteins designed to mimic the texture of meat. Flavorings obviously contribute to the sensation and many think nobody does it better than the Impossible Burger.

But the Impossible Burger is said to be so much better. It is, and yet it isn't.

This reporter could certainly tell the difference between real meat and meatless options.

Yes, both char up on the grill very nicely and the meatless burgers stand up to various taste tests.

But try as I may to make the switch to 100% meatless, I just can’t seem to do it.

Call me old-fashioned, call me stubborn. Just don’t call me late for dinner...unless you’re grilling Impossible Burgers.

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