Here's a suggestion: Hop in your car on a nice day and go towards Marshalltown. I'm actually sending you just south of Marshalltown, in reality. What you're looking for is an old abandoned stretch of Highway 30.

While on the surface it appears to be nothing more than a short, poorly maintained stretch of road, it's actually a lot more than that. Hoping past the traffic cones, (which legally, I cannot suggest you do), you'll see the road looks somewhat like a Jackson Pollock painting.

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There's a good reason for this, Iowa DOT paint crews release any remaining paint from their nozzles and tanks after a paint run within an area project on this short stretch of road. It's one of the craziest sections of roads in the state of Iowa with lines literally running everywhere.

You can see the lines from space, too. Well, Google's satellite mode anyway. Check it out.


And, despite the road having cones indicating drivers should not travel down the small stretch, occasionally a YouTuber looking for clicks just may ignore the rules.

The results are a great look at the bizarre stretch of road. Something you'll likely never encounter anywhere else in Iowa.

(Warning: the video contains some NSFW language)

It's worth the roughly 70-minute drive. When you arrive, make sure it's light out, and plan to take lots of pictures! But, please be warned, you're not supposed to drive on this small stretch of paint-covered Iowa road. Especially in the winter when it's not maintained.

(See more photos on this Reddit page)

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