Accused murderer Curtis Jones is already in police custody, charged in the death of cab driver Ricky Lillie, and he's now facing a second charge of murder in Iowa City.

Cops have now charged Jones with the murder of Jonathan Wieseler, who was shot and killed April 23 while working at Lederman Bail Bonds in Iowa City.

It appears robbery was the motive in both crimes, which is disturbing enough - but why did these turn into cruel and cold-blooded murders?

It's hard to imagine how anyone can kill someone else over money, but it's twice as troubling to think of the randomness, that this type of crime can occur in a small town like Iowa City..

This kind of unthinkable violence is getting worse every day and it shocks and saddens us to report this kind of  news from the heart of the heartland - where it was not that long ago that people left cars and homes unlocked with no worries.

Jones will get his day in court, and we are a society that presumes innocence until proven guilty. But with the intensive work of multiple local police agencies and DNA evidence, it is hopeful that a conviction results so that we can prevent the guilty person from harming anyone else.

[source: Gazette]

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