When the Iowa football season opens September 2 at Kinnick Stadium in Iowa City, the brand new University of Iowa Children's Hospital will have patients in its rooms for the first time on a football Saturday. It presents a unique opportunity for Iowa fans.

Julie James
Julie James

All those windows that overlook Kinnick Stadium will hide the faces of people from all over the state, nation, and in some cases, the world. People who are worried, hurting, and scared. It will provide them a glimpse into a football stadium filled with more than 70,000 Iowa fans and might, for a few fleeting moments, take their minds off the struggle they're facing. Hawkeye fans can also do something very special for all those people. It's been suggested that at the end of the first quarter, all Iowa fans wave to the University of Iowa Children's Hospital. We may not see their faces, but they would feel our love.

Sure, Wisconsin can play 'Jump Around" and make their entire stadium shake at the end of the third quarter of all their home games in Madison. It's a cool tradition, I admit. Waving to the families at the Children's Hospital certainly might not be as flashy, but it isn't always about being flashy. It's about caring. Let's show those kids and their families that we do. Every. Single. Game.

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