It's an experience that will take you back to your childhood. Sitting outside under the stars, wrapped in a blanket and watching a movie on the huge Drive-In theater screen.

As you got older, the drive-in movies became your hideout, a place where you and your date could practice those "Night Moves" during a long, double-feature.

The memories made are indelible. And this Friday they can return like magic as the Highway 61 Drive In re-opens with the Avengers and Captain Marvel showing Friday and Saturday nights starting at 8:15 p.m.

via Facebook
via Facebook

Located just south of Maquoketa, the Highway 61 Drive In has reached legendary status for many positive reasons: it's family friendly, affordable, and they show top tier movies.

With so much of today's media consumed on tiny screens, smart phones and tablets, who could pass up the chance to give their kids the same exciting night they enjoyed in their youth?

Especially when you're out watching the action on a truly BIG screen.

Pass the popcorn!

[source: 61 Drive In]

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