Most all of us have fond childhood memories of Drive-In movies. But good luck finding one within a 100 mile radius from home.

Here in eastern Iowa, we're a little luckier than most places. The 61 Drive-In near Maquoketa on Highway 61 is open again for another season (but only on Friday and Saturday nights).

With only a few differences from the "old days", the outdoor movie experience is essentially the same as you might recall as a kid. Do you remember the classic "Double Feature? It's right here at the 61 Drive-In, with  'The Fate of The Furious' and 'SPLIT" showing this weekend.

An improved digital screen that provides a sharper picture is one big upgrade you'll appreciate. And instead of the old clunky drive-in speaker that clung to the car window, you can now simply tune into 88.5 on your FM radio for perfect sound.

One nice thing about the drive-in movie experience is the opportunity to bring in your own lawn chairs, blankets, portable radio, and snacks. But why not indulge yourself with hot dogs, ice cream bars and popcorn from the concession stand?

Whether you're creating a memory for your kids to enjoy and hopefully pass along, or simply indulging in a bit of nostalgia for yourself, it's perfectly fine to enjoy the drive-in movie experience that has nearly vanished from the American landscape. Oddly enough, the fact that it is a vanishing form of entertainment makes it that much sweeter.

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