The long field goal used to be a big deal. Now, it's closing in on automatic for NFL kickers. ESPN recently had an article about the accuracy boom in boomers.

The little guys are converting 50+ yarders at a higher rate than quarterbacks are converting passes. FG stands for F***in' Good. Almost always. If the spot of the ball on a miss weren't in play, 60-yard tries would be more commonplace.

So, I called on my co-worker Libby to shed the socks and knock a few down over at McKinley Middle School.


This was the practice field of the old Cedar Rapids Tractors minor league team at the turn of the century. I was going to try out for punter until I heard former Hawkeye Legend Brion Hurley needed a place to tune up before NFL tryouts. He was known for his kicking prowess for the Hawks, but was also one hell of a punter. I ended up being a fantastic ball shagger for BH. Iowa has 11 kicks of over 50 yards. Hurley has 6 of them. Not everyone has those skills...

Grab your holder and long-snapper and hit an area football field. Kick back and kick some longballs at midfield. Don't use one of those placekicking tees. Scoop it from the ground. And, by all means, be a player and take your Hush Puppies off.


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