There's a lot to love about the great state of Iowa. There are several things though that every Iowa native seems to love. These can be anything from puppy chow to the beautiful Iowa sunsets.

Only In Your State compiled a list of '14 Things People From Iowa Absolutely Love'. Here are some items from the list that are pretty much spot on.


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    Watching Iowa Vs. Iowa State

    There are TONS of Hawkeye fans in Iowa, and a good amount of Iowa State fans too! Locals love seeing these two teams battle it out, even if they're cheering on their team from the comforts of a tailgate party lawn chair.

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    Yes, many Iowans love and know good sweet corn when they see it! They also enjoy games with the name corn in it--like cornhole!

  • Guido Vrola, ThinkStock
    Guido Vrola, ThinkStock


    Whether it's a scotcharoo or some puppy chow, they'll eat that stuff right up. But who wouldn't!? Anything with chocolate is probably going to be amazing.

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    Farmers Markets

    There are always tons of farmers markets going on during the summer. It doesn't matter if it's in downtown Cedar Rapids, or one of the surrounding areas, every week. Going once just isn't enough.

  • Scott Olson, Getty Images
    Scott Olson, Getty Images


    Iowa has some of the best county fairs around, especially the Great Jones County Far which earns A-list talent. But the State Fair is amazing too with A-list performers and THOUSANDS of food choices. You won't go hungry at an Iowa fair.

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