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Hitting the gym isn't always enjoyable, but it can be with new gear. Anytime I get some new outfits, shoes, or gear for the gym, I always walk in feeling more confident and energized.

Sprucing up your gym attire is a great way to get motivated to get in there and get to work. Here are some awesome items that every Cedar Rapids gym goer needs to get a little boost:


Nike Women's Zoom Winflo 5 Running Shoe

These are the perfect shoes to hit the gym and and then go run some errands in after. They've got versatile performance and sporty-chic look. Plus, they are super comfortable.

Don't mess with tangled wires while you're trying to get your workout on. Just pop these wireless buds in your ears and off you go. They have a built-in mic and they're waterproof. I use wireless headphones when I'm in the gym and they have been a game changer. So much more convenient.

LETSCOM Fitness Tracker

This is a great tool to take your workout to the next level. I work out with a heart monitor and it really allows me to track how hard I'm working and how many calories I'm burning. This watch takes that a step further as it is a touch screen smart watch that tracks your activity, counts your steps, monitors your sleep, counts your calories, and more.


Contigo AUTOSPOUT Straw Ashland Glass Water Bottle

I prefer glass water bottles. They are easy to clean, BPA free, and this style has a protective spout that keeps out dirt and germs. Don't worry about it breaking either because the protective silicone sleeve with prevent that. It's also dishwasher safe and super easy to drink on-handed when your running on that treadmill.


Emoly Cooling Towel 3 Pack

When you're really working hard, it's always nice to have a towel to wipe all of that sweat away. I know when I'm on the treadmill, there's nothing worse that getting sweat in your eyes. These towels are great for any sport, hiking, and golf.