I just spoke with a couple of industry folks about a big concert tour being planned for the summer of 2020. At this time nothing is confirmed, but I'm told promoters have been contacted and a tour is being routed as we speak.

The package doesn't have a name, but unofficially the roster would look like this:

  • Cinderella lead singer Tom Keifer
  • Ratt 
  • Skid Row
  • Slaughter

It's not as big as the Motley tour, but it's not a bad lineup!  Tom Keifer looks to be the headliner and if I had to guess, Stephen Pearcy's version of Ratt would most likely play second.

The "Skids" and Slaughter round out the bill and I would imagine certain cities would opt for a local opener to kick everything off. Here in Cedar Rapids a band like Skin Kandy or Slap 'N' Tickle would fit perfectly with the other bands on the bill.

I guess we will have to wait and see when this becomes official and what cities will be included. I'm really hoping Eastern Iowa lands a concert date and I would be the first person in line for tickets!

If you ask me, Hawkeye Downs on the SW side of Cedar Rapids would be a great spot to host this tour. A big stage, plenty of parking, a nice grandstand and ice cold beer.

Let's hope a promoter reads this blog and gives us a shot here in "The City of Five Seasons."

Until then, keep your fingers crossed!

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