Q: What is a half-mile long and weighs 680 pounds?

A: The rope that spans the Mississippi River from LeClaire, IA to Port Byon, IL in the unique event called TugFest.

That is ONE LONG ROPE! And if you're a member of one of the 20-person TugFest teams, you can pull those FIB's from the Land of Lincoln into the mighty Mississippi.

TugFest is the annual festival that's been going on over 30 years between residents of LeClaire, Iowa and Port Byron, Illinois...and it's the only tug-of-war that spans the longest river in the U.S.A.

The 3-day event in LeClaire features live music, carnival, food and fireworks. And I guess it's only fair to mention that Port Byron, IL also hosts a similar festival on the other shore. But Iowa's is better...

Along with the biggest tug-of-war imaginable, the TugFest arm wrestling competition is another strength competition worth checking out.

Check out these photos to see what a real tug-of-war looks like!

[source: TugFest]

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