How about that snow this week, huh?!

It's funny; despite being Midwesterners, we never seem to expect snow in October. Or at least, we don't expect several inches. A dusting? Sure! Enough that we have to leave an extra 15 minutes early in the morning so we have time to brush off the car? Absolutely not.

Unfortunately, that's what we got this week. And not everyone had their snowbrush ready to go. But that's when people get creative. I asked our listeners on Facebook what they've used in a tight situation, and got some gold.

So, if you find yourself in an unexpected snowfall this season, here's a few alternatives:

1. Credit Cards

This was one of the most popular answers given. People have used credit cards, hotel room keys, security cards, and really any variation of rectangular plastic you might keep in your wallet. Apparently, they work really well for scraping ice off the windshield!

2. Kitchenware

This might've been my favorite answer. Krystal used a plastic serving spoon, Stephanie used a large plastic spatula and Carrey Sue used a "Halloween cleaver." It sounds odd, but actually makes perfect sense. With holiday parties approaching, you might have a utensil or two in the car that can really help you out.

3. Your Body

Sometimes, it's just easier to lean over your hood and go full coin-sweeper on it with your arm. That's what Marsha's husband did, and I've definitely done it in the past. But perhaps my favorite answer on this whole post was Elizabeth, who used "my daughter in her snow suit."

I have no idea how old said daughter is, but I love the idea of just setting a toddler on the hood and letting them "play" in the snow to get it off.

You can check out the full list of answers here:

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