Iowa Lottery officials say a Mega Millions ticket worth $1 million dollars was sold in northwestern Iowa.

The ticket matched the first five numbers in Friday's drawing, but missed the final Mega Ball. The lucky ticket was sold at Fleet Farm Fuel in Sioux City. Had the ticket matched all 6 numbers, it would have been worth $175 million.

Now we play the waiting game to see who the lucky person is that owns the ticket. The wining numbers were 18-25-43-44-57 and 25.

Imagine waking up Monday morning to find out you've won $1 million dollars. I have a feeling I would call the boss and take a sick day. I'd take my friends out for drinks and a round of golf.

But I don't play the lotto anymore. I'm not a very lucky person and something like this would NEVER happen to me. And if I did, I'd probably lose the ticket.

Congratulation to the lucky winner. And if you need help spending the cash, hit me up.


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