Most studies that I come across usually are bad news.  "Hot Dogs Will Kill You", "Loud Music Makes You Go Insane", "Porn Damages Your Brain".

Very rarely do the studies ever come out that back up the lifestyle choices I make.  They'll never put out a study that says "Masturbation Increases Long Term Memory", or "Binge Drinking Shows Signs of Increased Longevity".

So, when a study comes out that doesn't make me look like I'm entering an early grave, I'm pretty stoked.

A new study finds / that if you're drinking two to three cups of the lifeblood known as could ad YEARS to your life!

New research says coffee has either no effect or even a positive effect on your heart.

The study tracked more than 400,000 people for at least a decade.  The researchers say they found that coffee actually lowers the risk of heart disease and dangerous heart rhythms.

If you're one to chug more than 2-3 cups don't worry.  You're not taking away any benefit or even adding to it.  You're simply enjoying life more than others.

Apparently coffee beans have over 100 nutritious plant chemicals in them.  They can "dampen oxidative stress and inflammation" . . . and improve insulin sensitivity and metabolism.

I'm not sure how this effects coffee stouts that Bent River is brewing with local coffee beans.  I can only assume it's super good for you and will make you last longer.  Seems like a good time to go pick up a sixer.

You know.  For your hearts sake.

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