These young ladies sure know how to move gracefully in that sedan.

My favorites from the comments section:

"No imagination. Recreating something that has already been recreated. Maybe spending time away from electronics and the mirror will help you grow as a human being; things like...reading, meditating, volunteering."

"Guys, it's not funny, it's sad! ''Bohemian Rhapsody'' is one of the greatest songs of all time and this is disrespectful towards F. Mercury. I feel like you respect nothing REAL in this world. I really can't understand why you did this..."

"I really don't see anything funny about this, but then again, I don't see anything funny in a lot of popular "comedy.'"

Plenty of praise, too. Like this one from a 72-year-old pretty girl expert...

"I think they are great and very pretty, all of them, the blonde on the right is gorgeously stunning in a very wistful looking way. The brunette on the left is as pretty as a picture and the girl in the back seat is a real head turner. I have read some of the disgusting comments by the idiots who deserve a fat clap on their heads. At 72, I have plenty of experience in knowing what a pretty girl looks like. I hope all the critics look in the mirror tonight, (they probably do so all day long) and ask themselves just where did their parents go wrong in producing such mean, arrogant failures of children."

Yes, comments on the net are a sour trench. When girls start singing songs their grandfathers jammed to while touching themselves you'd better comment, @hotforme1993.

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