"This call may be recorded and monitored" and now, that's not just on the receiver's end.

Next time you receive one of those annoying "robocalls", feel free to answer it because there could be a new way to stop them at a costly expense for the caller.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act exists, and it says that companies must have your permission to call you for commercial purposes. Start by keeping a log of these calls when you get them.

Keep track of the time, date and number of the call. If you answer it, write down what you discussed on the call. Record anything that gives information about the name, address, phone number or website of the company, then send that company a nasty-gram.

They may make a settlement with you, and if they don't, report the call to the Iowa Attorney General's office, and the company will be assessed a $500 fine, which will triple if you are on the "Do Not Call Registry" that was supposed to prevent calls like this in the first place.

Somehow, companies who make robocalls are finding ways around the Do Not Call Registry, but we're happy to report there is now a fix, if you're willing to do a little paperwork.

[Via KCRG]

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