Wow.  Just... wow!  We have seen some ridiculous and shocking things on Youtube over the years, but this might be one of the more difficult things to watch.  What would you do if a child came up to you asking for a "light"? Or if you were on the street and saw a kid smoking? I think for most of us, it's be an easy, "No WAY!" or "Where's Your Parents?"

For the most part, that's how this video goes... but not always.  There's a couple scenes where you'll stare in disbelief... did that just happen?  There's just no words, and it makes us realize how ignorant we might just be to the world around us.  However, the real kicker is at the end.

Watch this.  Share this.  Make sure this doesn't happen.

While edited, this might not be completely Safe For Work. Not sure why people use this language with a kid, although the situation is shocking and frustrating.