A Florida couple has claimed their portion of last month's record Powerball drawing. Three winners split $1.6 billion bucks. They waited a month. Why? Wouldn't you get over to the Lotto office in Des Moines just as fast as you could?

The happy Floridians took the before-tax lump sum of $327 million.

If I knew that sort of windfall was all mine, I'd buy a Slingshot at Powersports and shoot over to Cedar Rapids International with my wife and board a LearJet 40. Upon arrival in Des Moines, a bullet-proof [to stave off the paranoia] limo would be waiting. From there, with KCCI cameras rolling, we would cancel the press conference due to lack of tan.

By the end of the week, Donald Trump would look pale compared to me, lounging on my private island in Barbados. Keeping my house in Cedar Rapids would, of course be a good option because we'd need a place to stay when visiting relatives. Other than that, not much reason to be in Iowa. Ever. Unless of course I wanted to check up on my broadcasting property at 94. 1 FM. "All Incubus All The TIme."

It seems that another billion-&-a-half jackpot would be a rarity, but you never know. What I do know is that family in Florida wasted a month of super richness. The Tennessee winners bolted straight to the lotto office to pick up their 1/3. A California winner has yet to come forward. They may still be searching for that perfect limo...

[via: USA TODAY]

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