Predicting the weather isn't an exact science and it's not an easy job. Winning a football game when your favored by 11 should be easier, but that's not always the case...just ask the Baltimore Ravens.

On Saturday, the Ravens were at home and a huge favorite against the Tennessee Titans. They lost 28-12. The game didn't go as expected and that seemed to be the trend of the weekend.

Cut to Friday afternoon. ALL of the local meteorologists were predicting the next "Snowpocalypse" This was going to be bad and we all needed to get to Hy-Vee to stock up on break and milk.

As you know, they were wrong. We did get some stuff, but it wasn't at all what was predicted. On my side of town, we got a light dusting and that's it. They whiffed, it was an epic miss by not one but all of the local forecasters.

Was there something wrong the computers? Is this like a Y2K issue where everything is in reverse or are we in the Twighlight Zone? I mean, come on, where was all the gosh darn snow!

Or maybe, just maybe, this was a plan to get rid of those shovels that were overstocked at the the local hardware store!  Did Hy-Vee need to sell some bread and made a deal with the local stations?  What's going on I ask!

So in wrap up, I ask you this: Who had the worse weekend?

The Ravens or Joe Winters and the local forecasters?

Comment below and we can discuss.

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