Caitlin Clark has scored more points than any woman in Division 1 college basketball. She also has the chance to score more points in her career than any D1 college basketball player, man or woman.

This has been widely covered and known throughout the national media since Caitlin began to catch up to Kelsey Plum. On February 15th, many Iowans will remember where they were or when they saw Caitlin's deep 3-pointer to break the scoring record.

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Carver-Hawkeye Arena has made sure that no one will forget where that shot came from either, as they have cemented Caitlin's legacy, permanently on the basketball court. It's not every day a player gets their name and number permanently placed on a basketball court.

While Caitlin has set and broken all of these incredible records, at the highest level of college sports, I would like to introduce you to a Wisconsin girl named Grace Beyer. She became the all-time leading scorer in NAIA history and has scored more points in her career than Caitlin.

Grace Beyer plays for the University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy, in St Louis, Missouri. Last week, she scored her 3,842 point making her the best scorer in NAIA history. Whether it's men or women, NCAA Division 1,2 or lower, Grace is one of the best scorers in college basketball history.

Jillian Lipman-Segura is her coach and he calls Grace remarkable. According to USA Today, Jillian said

What she's doing, is just remarkable. She makes everything look so easy.


Why Didn't Grace Play D1 Basketball?

While Grace was in high school, division 1 coaches saw the incredible potential she might have. Yet, Grace decided to attend the University of Health Sciences and Pharmacy. According to USA Today, Grace's grandfather lived with her family while she was growing up and he began struggling managing his medications as he grew older.

Grace decided she wanted to help. She tried to learn everything she could about the drugs and how they worked, which grew her interest and desire to study pharmacy. Grace had been recruited by multiple D1 schools since she was in 7th grade but ultimately decided handling that workload of D1 sports wouldn't be feasible with her academic goals.

She told USA Today,

I had a lot of conversations with my parents and they urged me to prepare for the 40 years of my life rather than the four years of college. It's kind of a big concept to grasp when you're in high school, but I just knew that I wanted to be happy and have a career in something I'm going to enjoy. And basketball? I'll enjoy that wherever I play.

She chose to play basketball at a small college in St. Louis. Grace has helped lead the Eutectics to at least 20 wins the past two years. Grace has averaged more than 34 points per game in her final season of college basketball and she also leads her team in rebounds, steals, and assists.

At Grace's current pace, she will need 6 postseason games to chase down the women's all-college scoring record of 4,061 points.

Grace also told USA Today that she has no regrets of her college of choice as she watches Caitlin Clark continue her historic career. She does occasionally wonder what it would be like playing on a bigger stage but all in all, she's happy.

I definitely don't have any regrets coming here, but everyone has those what-if thoughts, you know? What it would have been like if I went to a bigger school. But those are all what-ifs. I'm never going to know how my career would have ended up at a different school. I can only know for sure what I have accomplished here, and what I've accomplished here is not something that anyone can take away from me. I can't have any regrets when I know what I've left behind.


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