The number of single-player accomplishments Caitlin Clark has added to her college resume over the years is nothing short of incredible. When you see all of her accolades from the past 4, it really puts into perspective just how incredible Caitlin Clark is at the game of basketball. Check out just how many things she's accomplished in 4 years at the University of Iowa.

Every college has good athletes come to their program and some colleges are even lucky enough to have a few great ones. Then you have players who help change the history and the landscape of the sport. There have been great teams in women's D1 college basketball, like the UConn women who won 111 games in a row in the mid-2010s.

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There have been some incredibly great players in women's college basketball; Cheryl Miller, Sabrina Ionescu, Diana Taurasi, Maya Moore, and Kesley Plum. While all of these players are great and should be considered some of the best female basketball players of all time, Caitlin Clark could potentially be changing women's basketball, forever.

Is Caitlin Clark Having a Moment or a Movement?

I found this conversation very interesting out of the Dan Patrick Show. The long-time sports reporter discussed whether or not Caitlin Clark is having a moment or has her college career changed women's college basketball forever. Will women's college basketball grow from Caitlin Clark's success?

NCAAW Have To Capitalize

There will be no better time for women's college basketball to load up on as many storylines as possible, than this year's NCAAW tournament. This lady's tournament will more than likely have more eyeballs than it has ever had before. If the NCAAW are smart, they'll try to capitalize. Whether it's creating rivalries, finding unique storylines, looking for potential upsets, or anything else they can do to add interest, they should throw everything they can at the wall this year.

Caitlin Clark is like a unicorn when it comes to basketball. Players like that don't come along every year. They might not even come along every decade. Time will well but I hope that when Caitlin heads off to the WNBA next season, women's college basketball will continue to increase in popularity. What she has done for women's basketball is historic.

She's like the Michael Jordan of women's college basketball. She's helped add so many more eyeballs to women's college basketball, and I only hope that continues.

Our Favorite Caitlin Clark Photos

Iowa's nunber two scorer of all-time, after just three seasons, Caitlin Clark continues to build on her already legendary career.

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