Comedian and Tiktoker, Ramina Rated, received 2.3 million views on a video she uploaded of her trolling a scammer. The video was posted in two parts, but it is video #2 that is catching the most attention.

In the first uploaded video, Ramina Rated plays along with the scammer as he tells her to type letters into her search bar. She makes a few comments referencing that she knows he is a scammer, but, he does not pick up on her comments.

Ramina Rated starts to ask the scammer questions about himself. He gives what is assumed to be false information, saying his name is Albert from "Alabama, Maxico." (Not sure where "Maxico" is, but apparently it has an Alabama)

She then ups her antics by telling Albert that she loves Bollywood movies and asks him for a favor. "I've been practicing my singing...Can you tell me if this is good?"

She then begins singing and seems to shock Albert the scammer. He puts her on speaker and calls over his coworkers to hear. Rated laughs when she hears the coworkers being called over, and then when he lies to her about being on speaker.

When Rated begins singing again, a ding is heard through the phone on Alberts end.

"Are you recording me?" she jokingly asks.

"No," Alberts says, as her voice plays back through the phone via recording. This scammer is a pro liar if you couldn't tell.

In the end, she asks Albert to stop trying to scam people. Surprisingly, Albert agrees with her that he will stop scamming. (But keep in mind, he is a pro liar)

Though one silly conversation won't stop that scammer from calling more people, this woman did a great job of getting her message across while being nice throughout the entire phone call.

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