It should go without saying if a product carries a warning of “DO NOT USE ON SKIN OR OTHER PARTS OF THE BODY” --- that you should adhere to that warning, right?

The warning is most likely there because someone has already attempted something with the item that made it necessary. (example: Tide Pods)

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers use abrasive melamine foam to work its “magic.” It's basically like extremely fine sandpaper.

Despite this, a TikTok user named Heather Dunn posted a teeth whitening video in which she used one of the Magic Erasers to polish her teeth. DON’T DO THIS.

In the video, she says that dentists would label her crazy…and they did.

An orthodontist in Texas posted a video of his own reminding people that if you follow her advice by using a Magic Eraser on your teeth, that it’s basically sandpaper grating off your enamel. Oh, they are also made from a compound called formaldehyde-melamine-sodium bisulfite copolymer. FORMALDEHYDE --- something you don’t want to put in your mouth. defines formaldehyde as:

a colorless, toxic, potentially carcinogenic, water-soluble gas, CH2O, having a suffocating odor, usually derived from methyl alcohol by oxidation: used chiefly in aqueous solution, as a disinfectant and preservative, and in the manufacture of various resins and plastics.

So, don't do this.


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