A woman in North Carolina drove over one of those big red balls in the parking lot of a Target on Monday.

Officials said that as she was backing out her Nissan Altima, she hit the gas and ended up backing over the red ball and became stuck on top of it – perfectly wedged between the front and rear tires.

Emergency crews got the driver out safely. No one was injured.

According to WRAL, 49-year-old Michelle Wright was charged with driving while impaired and careless and reckless driving in connection to the crash.

Another shopper was leaving the store and captured a photo that is now making the rounds on social media. She said everyone was laughing and couldn’t believe what they were seeing, announcing “Is that a car on the balls?”

The photo of the car, resting on top of the ball with the driver still inside, has prompted memes all across Facebook.

According to markstaar.com, each red concrete bollard at Target weighs 4,000 pounds (two tons) and has a diameter of 48”.

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