You may remember last month we revealed that nearly 170 animals were rescued from a northern Iowa puppy mill. Now, the woman accused of running the mill from White Fire Kennel (a farm in Worth County, Iowa) has been allowed to see 13 of the animals.

According to a report from Globe Gazette, 65-year-old Barbara Kavars was granted allowance to see 13 of the nearly 170 animals that were seized during an animal neglect-related search warrant back in November. The report states that the ASPCA may need to move the 13 animals out of state or to an in-state ASPCA partner agency if the sherriff's office is not able to renew the lease where the animals are being held. Kavars' attorney must be given a 48-hour notice if the animals are to be moved.

Last month, the 154 dogs that were seized from Kavars were all Samoyeds. They appeared to be living in appalling and overcrowded conditions, showed signs of neglect, and lacked clean drinking water according to the ASPCA. As you can see from some of the photos, it wasn't a healthy environment.

Worth-Clerk of District Court
Worth-Clerk of District Court

Click links below for more photos of the property and animals:

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That's not all-- more photos can be found here. It's sad seeing animals (and a person) living in conditions like this.

Kavars claims that she did not neglect the animals and wants to keep the 13 she has been allowed to see. She has requested that "the Worth County Magistrate Court allow her to keep nine Samoyeds and four cats seized by the Worth County Sheriff's Office and ASPCA", as stated in the report.

The judge will presumably rule on whether Kavars will get ownership of the 13 animals requested by the end of December. Kavaras has not been charged with a crime, although the ASPCA states that charges are pending.